About Will Powell

William attended Baptist College at Charleston on a Division I track scholarship. After graduating from college in 1982, he decided to try his hand at bodybuilding. He suffered from a back injury and got discouraged because of the disadvantage of competing as a natural athlete and decided to compete in other sports as a result. Over the years he ran 5 and 10Ks and did some competitive cycling. At age 40 he saw a flyer for the Natural Atlantic Coast, and he decided to give natural bodybuilding a try in the master’s over 40 division. As his record shows, he has been very successful in the sport. He now has over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry, and is a 3-time defending 3 time Reebok Crossfit World Champion in his age division.

William is lifetime drug-free and wants to promote the sport in the OCB. Here are some of his awards and accolades in bodybuilding. He has run the No Gear Classic since 2011.

Year Contest Division Place
1982 Southeast USA   3rd
1982 Mr. Charleston   1st
1982 Southeast Gold Cup   1st
1982 Mr. Charleston Best Poser  
1982 Baptist College Intersquad Powerlifting 1st
1983 Mr. SC Most Muscular  
1983 Mr. Southeast Tall 2nd
2000 NC Championship Masters 35+ 2nd
2001 Elite Muscle Classic Masters Overall
2001 INBF Natural Atlantic Coast Open 2nd
  INBF Natural Atlantic Coast Masters 1st
2001 Norheastern Classic Light Heavy 1st
2001 Natural Summer Classic Middleweight 1st
  Natural Summer Classic Open Overall
2001 INBF USA Championship Middleweight 1st
2003 INBF Northeastern Classic Open Overall/WNBF Pro Card
2003 Elite Muscle Classic Middleweight 1st
2005 Excaliber Masters 2nd
2005 NPC NC State Open Light Heavy 1st
2005 Jr. USA Light Heavy 5th
2005 OCB Yorton Cup Open Class II Overall/INBF Pro Card
2005 NPC Mountaineer Masters 40+ Overall
  NPC Mountaineer Masters Middleweight 1st
2005 Elite Muscle Classic Open Light Heavy 1st
2006 NPC North Carolina State Light Heavy 2nd
2006 Elite Muscle Classic Light Heavy 1st
  Elite Muscle Classic Open Overall
2006 NPC Mountaineer Open Middleweight 1st
  NPC Mountaineer Open Overall
2006 IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Pro Mens Pro 7th
2007 NPC Nationals Middleweight 12th
2007 IFPA Yorton Mens Pro 6th
2008 Team Universe Middleweight 5th
2008 IFPA Pro Bowl Open Mens Pro 1st
  IFPA Pro Bowl Open 1st
2009 NC State Championships Open Overall
  NC State Championships Middle Weight 1st
2009 Elite Muscle Classic Masters Lightweight 1st
2009 Jr. USA Middleweight 4th
2010 Elite Muscle Classic Masters 50+ Heavyweight 1st
  Elite Muscle Classic Masters 50+ Overall
2010 Masters Nationals Middleweight 2nd
2010 IFPA Council Bluffs Classic Masters Pro 1st
  IFPA Council Bluffs Classic Masters Pro Overall
2011 Elite Muscle Classic Middleweight 1st
  Elite Muscle Classic Open Overall
2012 IFPA Galaxy Pro Elite Masters Men’s Masters Open Overall
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